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Ready to stop people pleasing?

I'm Meg - a Certified Life Coach and Therapist. Welcome to my website!

You've known for a while that it's time to stop putting everyone else first and put your needs at the top of the list.


With 1-1 coaching and workshops, you'll become unstoppable - confidently setting boundaries and prioritising yourself.

Looking to cultivate self worth and have confidence in yourself?

I help my clients to put themselves first, set healthy boundaries and overcome people pleasing once and for all. If you're searching for resources and support to help you do the same - you're in the right place!


Overcome your people pleasing behaviours and put your needs first


For those wanting to feel truly supported and have confidence in themselves

60 minute session


Workshops to develop resilience,  restore balance and  enhance wellbeing

Discover your journey

14 week transformation

Support your staff

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Ways to put yourself first guide

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My blog is full of tips to help you have confidence in yourself, overcome self sabotage and more.

Find self care ideas for people pleasers and actionable resources to help you truly put yourself first.

What my clients are saying

The sessions with Meg enabled me to think about myself as well as others. I feel as though I am more aware of myself and my feelings and this is really powerful

- Lauren

The exercises and journal prompts Meg provided will help me to work towards my goals and provide me with more confidence in doing so.

- Sarah

Getting a different perspective in my sessions with Meg taught me how to celebrate my emotions. The tasks really helped me to think more about myself and what I need and want.

- Anonymous

Overcome your people pleasing behaviours

This is what's possible

Tired of spending your time and energy on making sure everyone else is okay?


Wanting to feel good and build your confidence?

I hear you - I've been exactly where you are.

Ready to experience long lasting change and put yourself first once and for all?

Find out who you are without those people pleasing behaviours and achieve your goals and desires.

Looking for help to cultivate self worth and overcome self sabotage?

Perhaps you're searching for tips on improving your mental health and wellbeing?

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