I decided to sign up for a three-month package with Meg because I felt like I needed a change and wasn't sure how to move forward with my life.

I realised that the things we discussed affected so many areas of my life and it was really interesting to work on areas I didn't expect. Meg was super helpful for helping me to find clarity and begin to really value myself.


I found having space to discuss what was going on for me and being kept accountable really helpful. Going forward, I now feel more able to believe in myself and trust my gut.

- Jess

How to have confidence in yourself

Before having coaching with Meg, I was extremely aware of people's feelings and thought that I was emotionally intelligent, but I didn't realise how I was actually supressing my own feelings to minimise conflict.


The sessions enabled me to think about myself as well as others. I feel as though I am more aware of myself and my feelings and this is really powerful.


I found the values activity particularly useful, as well as considering what is within my control. I’ve found this has helped with communication and decision-making, both personally and professionally.

- Lauren

The coaching sessions took an unexpected route and I found things out about myself that I hadn’t really previously considered.


Meg shared so many valuable resources, support and advice and listened to what I had to say. Even when it was hard for me to get across what I wanted to say or I didn’t fully understand myself, she was able to translate this and reflect back the positive.


In the future, I will be more resilient, courageous and speak up for what I believe in. I won’t do things just because they make others happy and I will try to remind myself of my value.

- Anonymous

I loved this course - it was great to be able to switch off from everything and take time to relax and think about things that I tend to take for granted. Meg and Laura complimented each other so well and it’s amazing what a difference these 15 minutes, along with the worksheets, have made to my week! 

- Clare, Trace it course participant

I’m grateful that I could participate in this amazing event. The materials were very helpful also the live meetings were engaging and fun! I love the journey of calligraphy and well-being ☺️

- Sylwia, Trace it course participant

Lovely course that prompts you to slow down and reflect.

- Amy, Trace it course participant

The workshop was very eye-opening and made me realise how much I am accommodating other people rather than thinking of myself.

- Lynsey, Start Choosing You workshop attendee

I now have tools to manage my emotions when I'm overwhelmed or not in control.

- Wellbeing workshop attendee

Thank you for a great session, it was really interesting and I took a lot away from it, especially your insights about attachment styles.

- Get Unentangled workshop attendee