Hello - I'm Meg!

When I was younger, I literally could not wait to become an adult. I had the standard plan of finding my dream job, getting married and having babies all in my twenties. Not to mention having my life together and always being on top of things - you can imagine my surprise when I arrived into adulthood and realised things don't tend to work out that way. Feeling cheated and p*ssed off is an understatement!

The further into my 'adult' life I got, the more I realised things don't always fall into place. I spent 5 years studying Criminology, Criminal Justice & Psychology at university hoping my dream job would arrive in my inbox the day after graduation. I spent my weekends and free time either procrastinating and scrolling social media or hungover, hoping that someone would swoop in and give me the magic secret that would change my life.

One day I realised what that secret was - ME!


I was the one holding myself back and, as I learned, I was the one who was going to turn my life around. I got out of my own way, became intentional about my life and, in the process, became my own best friend. Now I spend my days doing work that I love, prioritising myself & my own self-care and most days I almost feel like a proper adult. 

So what changed? The short answer is my self-worth

When you believe you aren't worthy of your dreams, they stay as just that - dreams that often feel impossible. You become consumed by negativity & overthinking and you self-sabotage without even realising that's what you're doing. You convince yourself that the job you hate isn't really "that bad", you allow your relationships to be a one-way street and there is never enough time in the day for the things you want to do (that 3 hours spent scrolling Instagram doesn't count... right?).


I know this because I have been there - my personality was a self-sabotaging people pleaser (sounds fun I know)! I allowed my boundaries to be crossed, I never put myself first and I convinced myself that all of this was just how life is.

I'm here to show you there is another way - now I'm not saying this way is easy-going. If it was easy, we'd all be doing it right? What I can say is that it is 100% worth it and it's achievable if you're willing to do the work & show up for yourself.


I invested in getting private counselling and my own life and business coaching. I put in the work and got really honest with myself. I removed the limitations I put on myself and allowed myself to dream BIG. After working as a therapist for a couple of years in the NHS, I started a coaching qualification and set up my own business. And now I'm living a life which is authentically mine and filled with joy, freedom and purpose.  


I'm here to guide you through the same process so that you can step into your worth and be in the driving seat of your life.

Ready to work with me? 

I'm often sharing lots of free content. You can find this on my blog, my Instagram page and I have a free guide that will be perfect for you!

Bonus facts

I live in Newcastle upon Tyne with my fiancée Jonny and could not imagine living anywhere else

I love eating out and my #1 favourite food is garlic bread

I watch a lot of TV and am a die hard Friends, the US Office & Scrubs fan

I was a shy child and still love my own company, but none of my friends would describe me as quiet

I can rap the whole of Rapper's Delight by the Sugarhill Gang