Rediscovering You

Let go of people pleasing and anchor into deep self trust

14 weeks to create the transformation you've been craving and step into the most authentic version of you

How to stop people pleasing

Is this you?

You're exhausted from putting everyone else's needs before your own but you have no idea how to stop.

You want to enjoy life, do amazing things and be present but you never have the energy to take steps toward that.

You avoid voicing your opinions or communicating your feelings out of fear of how people will react and whether they will leave.

You're always trying to improve things but ultimately nothing you do ever makes you feel good enough.

You feel dependent on other people for emotional support but rarely get what you need from them.

You put pressure on yourself to be everything to everyone even though it's burning you out.

You say yes even when you don't want to and are filled with regret and resentment.

You're never quite sure if you're being oversensitive or people aren't respecting you.

You have no idea how to handle conflict or disagreements so you avoid them at all costs, even if that means a part of you is battling to be heard.

Marble Surface

It's time to go from people pleasing to rediscovering who you were always meant to be

What if...
  • You were able to identify what your needs and wants are and put those needs first.

  • You left overthinking and worrying behind so that you can fully trust yourself.

  • You had more confidence in yourself so that those dreams you've had for years can become a reality.

  • You could set boundaries and say no without an overwhelming sense of guilt or shame.

  • That pressure to be there for everyone was released and you had space to have fun, be present and enjoy an inner calm you didn't know was possible.

  • You had tools and techniques to help you reduce overwhelm and deal with any difficulties life might throw your way.

  • Your relationships became a part of your life that you enjoyed and cherished.

  • You knew you had your own back and had the independence you've always craved.

  • You made decisions and lived your life without second-guessing yourself so that you can truly commit to your desires.

  • You got to do work that you love and were creating a life you don't feel the need to escape from.

It is possible...

You can put yourself first and still be the same kind & helpful person you pride yourself on being.

Over 14 weeks we will work together to discover who you are without people pleasing tendencies and enable you to show up for yourself.

This journey is perhaps the most important you will ever take.


You deserve to feel free, confident and safe to be you.

What we'll cover
Put yourself first
How to set healthy boundaries

Prioritising your needs

Make time for yourself and the things that bring you joy

Setting boundaries

Communicate expectations and limits that honour your needs 

Please Yourself First


Learn how to ask for what you need and navigate conflict

Overcome people pleasing

Saying no

Allow yourself to decline what doesn't work for you

Overcome self sabotage

Sit with discomfort

Tolerate difficult emotions and resistance

Have confidence in yourself

Taking up space

Know that you deserve to be seen and heard

What do I get in Rediscovering You?

Rediscovering You is a bespoke, immersive 1:1 coaching programme in which you receive:

An initial 60 minute session to assess where you're at and uncover your true desires

6 x 45 minute sessions every two weeks

Personalised support from the moment you sign up

Guidance between sessions via email or messaging app

Access to resources and detailed notes from our sessions to facilitate your transformation

Tailored action steps designed to continue your progress and cultivate momentum

All sessions are recorded so you have lifetime access to watch them back!

Investment = £1,200

(payment plans are available)

Please note all coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom

I offer a free Discovery Call to make sure that we're a great fit for each other and to answer any questions you may have. Book yours now.


It's led by me, Meg Sloan:

The Coach for People Pleasers

I coach individuals who are ready to leave their people pleasing behaviours behind and start choosing themselves. 

I've worked with hundreds of clients over my career as a therapist in the NHS and now within my coaching business.


I have helped my clients to overcome behaviours that have held them back for years and start living their lives in a way that feels right for them.

Now it's your turn!

My style of coaching is therapeutic - this means I use tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as well as life coaching and other modalities I've had training in.

If you want to find out more about my values and what I am trained in, as well as my practices and privileges, you can read about those here.

What are my clients saying?

"After working with Meg, I'm able to value myself and trust my gut"

"The sessions have really made a difference to my life"

You can view all my testimonials here

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